Hello !
We are a French little company of rugs tufting, we create with passion, care, and attention to detail colourful and fluffy rugs ! Welcome on Studio Sovaje !


How to order ?
Our shop is not suppporting orders from abroad for now but you can place orders by email ! To help you to choose your rug, you can browse products on the shop as descriptions are also in english.


About payement
You are free to pay by credit card through Paypal payment process (it does not require an account) or either by bank transfer.


Shipping cost
After placing your order by email we will come back to you with exact shipping cost for your area. If you are ok with it then you will recieve billing with payment methods.


Import duties and taxes are not included in the item price of shipping cost. These charges are your responsibility and will be collected from you by the carrier upon delivery. Our customers must be aware that potential custom fees may apply depending on the shipping destination.

Design & production

What are tufting rugs ?
Tufting rugs are made witth yarn (synthetic fibers or wool) which is inserted into a backing with a needle also called tufting gun. The person who carry the tufting gun follows stencil marks on the backing of the rug to create the patterns. It is a long and midiculous process but it achieves beautiful, fluffy and colorful pieces ! Once the pattern is finished, a piece of fabric is glued on the back of the rug to secure the yarn in place.


Are illustrations on the rugs made by Studio Pony ?
Yes !


Where are made Studio Pony’s rugs ?
From design to tufting and finishes, rugs are carefully crafted in the studio places, at Nantes & Saint-Nazaire, France.

Custom orders

How to place a custom order ?
Every custom orders start by an email ! You can first send us a brief (just a quick idea of your rug design) or a sketch then we will come back to you to discuss about your project.


How long does it take ?
It mostly depends of the size of the rug, the number of colors and the complexity of the design. The whole process may take few weeks, from 2 to 4.


Who can place a custom order ?
Everybody who wants a beautiful and one of a kind rug !


I don’t have any drawing skills, could you help me with this ?
Of course ! We will be pleased to design a rug just for you.

Rugs care

Why is my new rug losing some fibers ?
New tufting rugs may shed. You can stop this by vacuum your rug carefuly. Use a canister vacuum without a beater bar (no roller brush) or a vacuum that only uses suction.


How to remove stains ?
Every stains should be remove fast. First, remove debris with a spoon. Next, dab gently with kitchen roll. If it’s liquid, try to dry the area as much as you can with kitchen roll. Sprinkle baking soda on the stain and let it absorb for few hours then vacuum it. You may have to repeat the process several times for stubborn stains. During the process never scrub as this can cause damage to the fibers.


Can I put my rug in washing machine ?
Nope, your rug won’t like it ! The best way to have a brand new rug is to process dry cleaning !